Prepared: Body - Mind - Spirit

If God wants us all to be with him in Heaven, why did he put us on earth first?
This question has puzzled humans for centuries. I believe we were born into this world first for the same reason every player in the NFL starts his career tossing a pigskin in his own backyard: Whether it’s the gates of Heaven or the goalposts of the Super Bowl, we are not worthy, nor ready to stand before either until we are first prepared.

Prepared Testimonials

Gary "Pearl" Pierce - Atlanta, GA

"The book is awesome because many time we forget that opportunity plus preparation equals success! Reginald's book gets you prepared by discussing how we have to discipline ourselves to eventually reach success! Whatever success may mean to you as long as it is positive!!!"

Reggie Stephens #61 & Courtney Thomas

"Prepared is a book of great inspiration. It was an easy read that I enjoyed from cover to cover. Reggie Kelly did a very good job at making it relatable to anybody."

Arlander Gathings - Starkville, MS

""I truly enjoyed Reggie's book. I was inspired by the analogy of the work ethic it takes to be a pro football player and the work ethic required to be a Christian."

Marianne Butler - Hamilton, MS

"My sons Byron, Bryson, and Bryant Butler all met Reggie at his Mississippi State book signing a few months ago. All three of them spent their money to purchase the book each and have it signed by him. I am pleased to say that all of them have read it and enjoyed the books message and have even lent it out to friends to help them also. If you don't have a copy Get One!"